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Answers to Your Phase Three Questions

Friday, March 4, 2016 -

Several community members have submitted questions regarding the proposed Phase Three Capital Project.

Here are the answers to those questions:

Question: What is the cost to the district of holding the vote on a separate day?
Answer: The cost for the referendum vote on March 10 is approximately $6,000.

Question: What percentage of the project is the cost of the Liverpool High School Auditorium expansion?
Answer: The estimated value of work at the auditorium is approximately $5.6 million, or 14 percent of the referendum amount.

Question: What is the cost of all the current capital projects per $100,000 of assessed property? What will the cost be when this project comes onto the tax levy?
Answer: The district works closely with Fiscal Advisors and legal counsel to determine when to convert the Bond Anticipation Notes (BANS) into Serial Installment Bonds (SIBs). This is based on a variety of factors including market rates, the timing of having the debt coincide with offsetting State Aid payments, and keeping the debt structure as level as possible. As we construct budgets, there are many conversations and research is done on this topic. We also strive to take opportunities to refinance to save money when at all possible.

Question: Will there be a cost to community members to use the Health and Wellness Center?
Answer: The plan for this area is for student occupancy at this point and addresses American Disability Act matters.

Question: Regarding the roof on the Wetzel Road School, could you please advise as to the age of the existing roof? Did it meet its life expectancy, and if not, why? What will be the life expectancy of the new roof?
Answer: The Wetzel Road roof was installed in 1993 and is 23 years old (although a small portion of the roof was replaced in 2006). The roof has met its life expectancy and the warranty for the new roof would be for 30 years.

Question: Did the study or the Capital Planning Committee consider relocating the Transportation Center instead of continually addressing aging and space concerns? Is the proposal to route parent traffic through Kies Drive true?
Answer: The Phase Three Facilities Committee did not consider relocating the Transportation Center. The proposal to route parent traffic through Kies Drive was mentioned during a brainstorming session but was quickly discounted.

More information regarding this project can be found by clicking on this link. Liverpool community members can continue to submit their project-related questions by clicking on this link. We will continue to answer submitted questions in the weeks leading up to the vote on March 10.

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