Professional Development Plan 2019-2020


The purpose of the Liverpool Central School District Professional Development Grant Program shall be to help provide opportunities for development on an annual basis to enrich teachers in their certified fields of work. Professional development activities funded under the program will be those that are proposed by teachers. The program will not be used to fund professional development activities proposed by District or building administration.


To be eligible to receive funds through the Professional Development Grant Program, teachers must be tenured in the Liverpool Central School District.

Funding of Grant Proposals

Grants to fund proposals for professional development activities shall be awarded by the Professional Development Grant Program Committee in an amount not to exceed two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) for any individual grant request.

Professional Development Grants will only be approved for work to be performed during the summer recess. All grant proposals must be received on or before April 16 in order to be considered for funding during the subsequent summer recess.

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