Use of District Buildings & Athletic Facilities

To request the use of a Liverpool Central School District facility, print the form found at the bottom of this page (under "Related Files") fill out the requested information and return the form (either in person, by mail or by e-mail) to the appropriate individual listed below:

Building/FacilityContact Person
District Office Darrell Clisson, Director of Facilities
Chestnut Hill Elementary John Loucks, Head Custodian
Donlin Drive Elementary 

Dennis Hepler, Head Custodian

Elmcrest Elementary

Mark Monica, Head Custodian

Liverpool Elementary

Scott Osborne, Head Custodian

Long Branch Elementary Rich Kesel, Head Custodian
Morgan Road Elementary Mike Honsinger, Head Custodian
Nate Perry Elementary Tom Merritt, Head Custodian
Soule Road Elementary Rick Merritt, Head Custodian
Willow Field Elementary Alan Hibbert, Head Custodian
Chestnut Hill Middle Brett Monica, Head Custodian
Liverpool Middle Royce McManus, Head Custodian
Soule Road Middle Rick Merritt, Head Custodian
Liverpool High School Annex Mike Honsinger, Head Custodian

Liverpool High School & District Athletic Fields

To request the use of a  Liverpool High School or a Liverpool Central School District Athletic Department facilities, please use the * NEW * MLSRequest Web site.

Questions regarding athletic facilities should be directed to Director Ari Liberman.

Questions regarding Liverpool High School should be directed to Building Use Coordinator Erin Trexler.

Rules and Regulations 

  1. Request to use facilities must be submitted at least four weeks in advance to the requested building for approval by proper officials.  
  2. A Certificate of Insurance or other proof of insurance in a form acceptable to the District is required of all outside groups requesting use of District facilities. The District will be listed as an Additional Insured in the amount of $1,000,000 each occurrence and $2,000,000 general aggregate. This form can be obtained from your insurance carrier and must be submitted to the Office of the Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services, 195 Blackberry Road, Liverpool, NY 13090, at least one week in advance of your activity.

  3. The activity shall not extend beyond the hours approved in the request.

  4. The activity shall be restricted to the area for which permission is granted.

  5. Supervisor in charge of the activity shall be present before activity begins and remain with the group until all have left.

  6. The organization using the building shall be responsible for getting its equipment in and out of the building. 

  7. Where rearrangement of equipment is necessary, the sponsor group must obtain permission to make such changes in furniture and the like, as desired.

  8. All rooms and /or equipment shall be left in the same condition it is found.

  9. All programs shall be planned so that they do not interfere with the regular school day schedule.

  10. Alcoholic beverages/tobacco products are not allowed on school premises.

  11. In the absence of the building principal or administrative personnel, the custodian is charged with the responsibility for the building.

  12. Rates for building use will be set by the Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services.  Any custodial overtime that is required will be the responsibility of the group requesting building use and will be added to the bill. Other costs may include kitchen labor, auditorium technicians, lifeguards, security personnel, and other site personnel and services.

  13. Certificate of Insurance or other proof of insurance in a form acceptable to the District and payment in full is due one week before the activity. Checks should be made payable to Liverpool Central School District and sent to the Business Office at 195 Blackberry Road, Liverpool, NY 13090.

Related Files
pdf Facilities Use Request Form pdf 528 KB