Services and Programs

Preschool services are provided on a continuum from a least restrictive to most restrictive environment. The Continuum of Preschool Special Education Programs and/or Services includes the following:

Related Services Only
Special Education Itinerant Teacher Only (SEIT)
Related Services and Special Education Itinerant Teacher
Half-Day Class
Full-Day Class
In-State Residential

A student who is identified as a Preschooler with a Disability and qualifies for services as outlined by the state of New York may receive one or more of the following services or programs.

Related Services (least restrictive): Speech Therapy (SP), Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI), Teacher of the Deaf/Hearing Impaired (TOD), Audiologist, Parent Training, Counseling, Music Therapy, Acquatic Therapy.

Special Education Itinerant Teacher Only (SEIT): Direct individual and/or group instruction to preschoolers with disabilities by a certified special education teacher.

Related Services and Special Education Itinerant Teacher: The Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT) services can be provided alone or in combination with one or more related services.

Half-Day Class: A child may require a comprehensive special education program to meet his/her Individual Education Program (IEP) goals. The child may require a more continuous multidisciplinary team approach that may include related services as well (for example, OT, PT, SP). The child's age, attention span and stamina are also considered.

Full-Day Class: The child has extensive needs, as described in annual goals/short-term objectives on the IEP, that require a comprehensive special education program. The child requires a greater degree of adult support, attention, direction and supervision than is typical in settings for children without disabilities in order to benefit from the instructional program.

In-State Residential (most restrictive): The child's needs are so extensive that a comprehensive special education program and related services are required at an intensity that will exceed a five-hour special education instructional day in order to meet his or her annual goals and short term objectives on his/her IEP.

Special Class Integrated Setting (SCIS)

If a child qualifies for a half-day or full-day special education preschool program (SCIS) the following is a list of preschool programs available in Onondaga County. Placement of children is dependent upon space availability in the program.

Children & Family Services
1603 Court Street
Syracuse, NY 13224
475-1782 (fax)

Attn: Dr. Ellen Barnes
3049 East Genesee Street
Syracuse, NY 13224
445-4060 (fax)
Emily Ruston (tours) ext. 150

Little Lukes, DeWitt
Attn: Meghan Burt
5820 Heritage Landing Drive
East Syracuse, NY 13057
701-1131 (fax)

Little Lukes, Radisson
Attn: Meg Kellogg
8282 Willett Pkwy.
Baldwinsville, NY 13027

North Syracuse Early Ed. Program (NSEEP)
Attn: Dawn Hussein
205 South Main Street
North Syracuse, NY 13212
218-2285 (fax)

OCM BOCES Children’s Village
at Park Hill School
Attn: Annamarie Rossomano
303 Roby Avenue
East Syracuse, NY 13057
437-2511 (fax)

Parkside ARC School
Attn: Lauren Merola
301 Valley Drive
Syracuse, NY 13207
468-1635 (fax)

Elmcrest Children's Center-SPICE (Full Day only)
Att: Michelle Hendricks
960 Salt Springs Road
Syracuse, New York 13224
446-3274 (Fax)