Audit Committee

The Audit Committee, an advisory committee formed by the Board of Education in June 2005, is an independent agency that helps the Board to oversee the internal and external auditing of the District's fiscal operations. This committee is not a subcommittee of the board, but rather an independent group of people with financial expertise. Members of the committee are not required to be district residents and cannot be district employees. Two board members serve as liaisons between the Board and the committee, which meets 4-5 times a year.
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Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee provides independent advice and recommendations to district officers, employees and the Board regarding ethical issues. Its purpose is to strengthen the confidence of the school community in the integrity of school district officials, uphold the integrity of the decision-making process, provide citizens with an avenue to raise ethical questions regarding district operations, and to have said questions resolved by a fair, independent entity. This group is comprised of four community members and the board representative serves in a liaison capacity. The Ethics Committee meets on an as needed basis.

Facilities Advisory Committee

This committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding long-term facility needs that are supportive of the District’s mission and strategic plan. The group provides guidance for modifications to facilities, dissemination of capital funds and allocation of space. The expectation is that recommendations for the continued development of district facilities be efficient, functional, aesthetic, and sustainable.
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Policy Committee

The Policy Committee, a subcommittee of the Board of Education, reviews existing district policies and proposes new policies as needed. This group is comprised of the Superintendent three board members. The committee meets regularly from September through June.
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Safety Committee

 As part of New York State’s RESCUE (Rebuilding Schools to Uphold Education) Regulations, NYS school districts are required to have safety committees. The Liverpool Central School District Safety Committee addresses health and safety issues related to the district’s students, staff and buildings.