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DDE Captures Pokémon Fever During Reading Challenge

Thursday, March 23, 2017 -

Recently there were some strange sightings in the halls of Donlin Drive Elementary. Even stranger ddepokemon3still, those sightings increased with every book read by the school’s students.

That’s because DDE was participating in The Pokémon Reading Challenge based on the very popular Pokémon Go game.

Students were split into three teams consisting of one class from every grade level - Team Valor, Team Mystique and Team Instinct. Students were asked to submit the name of a book they read and earned a Poke Ball based on that book’s total pages – red for less than 50 pages, blue for 50 to 100 pages, and yellow for more than 100 pages.

The Poke Balls were displayed on each team’s bulletin board and a Pokémon would appear after a certain number of Poke Balls were collected. In addition, a team’s daily Poke Ball points would double if a class earned a Lucky Egg for positive behavior in the school’s cafeteria, and students could earn extra Poke Balls at Poke Stops located throughout the building.

DDE reading teachers Candace Fitzgerald and Stephanie Reed said retired Liverpool Central School District teacher Joan Dear-Houseman suggested the theme after the Pokémon resurgence last summer. The pair agreed that the challenge was a huge success.

“The kids were really motivated,” Fitzgerald said.

“I’ve never seen them this excited about a reading challenge,” Reed added.

At the end of the challenge, Team Valor was declared the winner of The Pokémon Reading Challenge… by just one book. The team was made up of students from Jennifer Robinson’s kindergarten class, Elizabeth Jarosz’s first-grade class, Paula McDermott’s second-grade class, Nicole Charles’ third-grade class, Marisa Santaro’s fourth-grade class, Diane Montalto’s fifth-grade class, and Jessica Fallon’s sixth-grade class. As a reward, each winning class could select either a Pokémon Popcorn Party or pick individual Pokémon prizes (such as mini figures, bookmarks and stickers).

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