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LHS Arctic Warriors Kick Off New Season

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 -

The Liverpool High School Arctic Warriors (Team 174) are hard at work utilizing their STEM skills aslhsarcticwarriorskickoff1 they attempt to build a robot for this year’s FIRST Robotics competition.

The team of more than 40 high school students and 15 mentors have hit the ground running as they collaborate and innovate to meet the requirements and play this year's competition, called FIRST® Steamworks. This thrilling and creative game sets Team 174 up for six weeks of strenuous thinking, building, and creating. Already one week into the build season, the Arctic Warriors have done nothing but that and even more as they have created sketches, theorized prototypes, and shared ideas with fellow teammates.

This arduous task has involved team meetings more than three hours long for at least four days a week, and an endless supply of brainpower and ideas. They have set their minds to a deterring task, regardless of possible failure and struggle in light of their designs.

“The technological economy of the future depends on equipping today’s youth with the tools necessary to become tomorrow’s leading innovators,” said Ray Dromms, engineer at Transonic and an Arctic Warriors mentor. “This tournament provides kids with an engaging hands-on learning experience that promotes a passion for science and technology – instilling in them an appreciation for the field and an enthusiasm to pursue STEM-related education and careers.”

With the power of young minds and cultured working professionals, the Arctic Warriors are announcing a quick, sturdy, and witty robot for this year's competition. Never giving up even with failures halting their progress, Team 174 has presumed to fight against the onslaught of challenges put up against them. Orange and blue decorate their t-shirts and banners, awards and medals accessorize their walls, but their camaraderie and ingenuity set them ahead of the game.

FIRST® Steamworks spawns a creative spark inside of its students and allows them to express their ideas in a positive environment. Each year and especially this year, the Arctic Warriors happily accept the challenge placed in front of them and are infinitely excited to compete during this year’s Finger Lakes Regional championships, which take place March 15 to 18 at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

More information about the FIRST® Robotics Competition is available at and more information about LHS Robotics can be found at

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