English Language Arts

Liverpool Central School District implements ELA instruction using programs aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards.  Standards for literature, information, and foundational skills are taught using Journeys, by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt at the K-6 level.  Instruction is delivered through the Daily 5 structure in Kindergarten through 2nd grade, and the workshop model in grades 3-6.  These structures provide opportunities for whole group and small group work. 

Small groups of students engage in guided reading and flexible learning groups.  Guided reading enables children, with teacher support, to practice strategies at their instructional level, leading to independent reading.  These strategies are based on the Fountas and Pinnell model of guided reading.  Flexible groupings are created based on student academic needs.  Once particular objectives are accomplished, the flexible groups are dissolved and reformed according to newly identified instructional goals.

Separate from content areas, students develop the craft of writing within a Writing Workshop format.  Students in grades K-6 receive instruction from the Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative Writing, created by Lucy Calkins.   This format provides a predictable structure and routine for students to learn how to collect, draft, revise, and publish a variety of genres throughout the school year.