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You may remember it simply as the school library, the place you went between classes to read, do homework or conduct research for a term paper.  But the school library of yesterday has given way to a new and exciting place where information is available in a wide variety of formats, both print and electronic; where materials and activities are coordinated with classroom assignments; and where students learn information and technology skills that will prepare them to live and work in the 21st century. ¹

About this site: The purpose of this site is to provide information about, and for, the Liverpool Central School District libraries and their patrons.

The intended audience includes: district administrators, librarians, faculty & staff as well as parents and interested community members (students should select their school from the list above).

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High Schools
Chestnut Hill Elementary   Chestnut Hill Middle   Liverpool High School Annex & Main Building
Donlin Drive Elementary   Liverpool Middle    
Elmcrest Elementary   Soule Road Middle    
Liverpool Elementary        
Long Branch Elementary        
Morgan Road Elementary        
Nate Perry Elementary        
Soule Road Elementary        
Willow Field Elementary        

¹ "Partner in Learning The School Library Media Center," American Library Association, September 27, 2006. (Accessed April 28, 2010) Document ID: 202401