CTLE Requirements from NYSED

  • Effective July 1, 2016 (varies by birthday) and ending 5 years after
    • Example: My birthday is on August 2, therefore, that is my effective start date for CTLE as a professional school leadership certificate holder. My end date will be 5 years prior to my next birth month (July 31, 2021).
    • Upon completion of the 5 years, certificate holders will log into their TEACH account to attest to the CTLE requirements
      • At this time, NYSED has stated that this will be a checkbox to attest and no documentation will be required to upload to TEACH
  • CTLE is required for Professional classroom teaching and school leadership certificates, or level III teaching assistant certificates
    • CTLE currently is not a requirement for permanent teacher and school leadership certificates
    • It is best though, to have any certificate holders complete PD to grow as an educator
  • Completion of 100 clock hours
  • Acceptable CTLE must be taken from a sponsor approved by NYSED
    • Liverpool CSD and BOCES/CNYRIC are approved
    • NYSED has a sponsor approved list on their website
    • Credit-bearing university or college courses, each semester-hour of credit shall equal 15 clock hours of CTLE credit, and each quarter-hour of credit shall equal 10 clock hours of CTLE credit.  For all other approved continuing teacher and leader education courses, one CTLE credit hour shall constitute a minimum of 60 minutes of instruction/education.

Record Keeping Requirements

  • Record of completed CTLE, which shall include: the title of the program, the total number of hours completed, the number of hours completed in language acquisition addressing the need of English language learners, the sponsor's name and any identifying number, attendance verification, and the date and location of the program.
  • Such records shall be retained for at least three years from the end of the registration period in which the CTLE was completed and shall be available for review by the NYSED upon request.
  • As of 2017-18, Liverpool CSD uses Frontline-My Learning Plan (MLP) to provide a record keeping platform for staff

CTLE Language Acquisition Requirements

  • Holders of Professional English to Speakers of Other Languages certificates or Bilingual Extension Annotations are required to complete a minimum of 50 percent of the required CTLE clock hours in language acquisition aligned with the core content area of instruction taught, including a focus on best practices for co-teaching strategies, and integrating language and content instruction for English language learners.
  • All other Professional certificate and Level III Teaching Assistant Certificate holders must complete a minimum of 15 percent of the required CTLE clock hours in language acquisition

Professional Development on Frontline-My Learning Plan

  • Liverpool CSD website>staff>MLP
    • Resources: MLP directions, tutorial videos, CTLE, MLP link
  • As of 2017-18, Liverpool CSD has implemented Frontline-MLP as the platform for record keeping of district staff professional development hours
    • Forms include:
      • District PD Form
      • BOCES PD Form
      • Conference Travel Authorization Form
      • Prior Approval Graduate Study Form
  • District Catalog for in-district PD
  • My Portfolio
    • Record of all completed PD activities in order by year/date
  • My File Library
    • Place to upload PD forms, etc. from prior to 2017-18

If you should have any questions, please contact the Liverpool Office of Staff Services 315-622-7153 to speak to Heather Cawley or Karen Humphrey.